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Bible reading plans

Reading through the Bible is a rewarding experience, and these plans can help you do it!  There are many Bible resources online, these are just a few.

  • To choose from various Bible reading plans, on Bible Gateway, click HEREFor the best experience, create an account or log in and subscribe to the reading plan of your choice. Then you can track your progress, receive daily reading reminder emails, and print monthly lists of readings for offline use. You can start, pause, or end a reading plan at any time – at your own pace.


Click on each to learn more.

  • Scroll down for Bible Apps for Kids

Bible apps for kids

  • The Bible App for Kids is the newest member of the YouVersion family of apps.  Completely free.  Through interactive adventures and beautiful animations, kids explore the big stories of the Bible.  Ages 4+.   Available in over 60 languages.  Developer:  Life.Church

    For more information, click HERE.

  • This free app brings the Bible to life with an easy to understand Bible, videos, images and fun interactive Bible games.  Ages 4+.  Developer:  The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.

    For more information, click HERE.