ministry announcement forms

MINISTRY DEPARTMENT LEADERS:   Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to view our calendar of events to see if other events are scheduled for the same date as your event or meeting. 

MINISTRY ANNOUNCEMENT FORM: Please complete and submit the Ministry Announcement Form below for each upcoming event/meeting to share the details of your event(s).   

QUICK CHANGES FORM:  For small updates to an existing event or meeting, please call, text, or email Loretta Kent, OR complete the Quick Changes Form below.   Examples: The LIFT ministry's theme for the monthly meeting, a time change, rescheduled to another date, adding a speaker for the event.

YEARLY EVENTS FORM (submit several events or meetings to save the dates):  If you would like to schedule several events or meetings for the year but you don't know all the details of your events yet, please use the Yearly Events form to save your event dates.  Please include the event/meeting name, date(s), times and locations for each event.  You can complete the  Ministry Announcement form at a later date for each event when your plans are completed.

SPECIAL IMAGE, FLYER or VIDEO associated with this announcement, please send it to Loretta via email or text message OR you can submit it on the forms. 

Private Events:   To schedule private events for the multi-purpose building, please contact Lori Loska. To schedule private events for the church building, please contact Ruth Pullins.

NOTE:  If you need to download the Church Center app to access the forms, scroll down for instructions.  Church Center can be accessed through either our web portal or through the mobile app.


When you submit your form, it will immediately be delivered to Loretta Kent and Ruth Pullins.