Sunday school at 9:30 am

The Oracle, by Jonathan Cahn

Taught by:  Bill Quick

Come on a journey as we travel and look at the events that shaped a nation including its return. This series will look at people, dates, numbers and the Bible as these mysteries are revealed through history.

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Keep It Shut

Facilitated by Dave and Bev Santuomo

Wednesday Nights at 7 pm beginning November 2nd

According to James 3:6, "The tongue is a fire, a world of evil." If not bridled and redirected by the help of the Holy Spirit, we can do incredible harm with our mouths. KEEP IT SHUT is a vital study, teaching us when to speak, how to speak, and when to not say anything at all. We will learn how to use our words more effectively to alleviate heartache and regret and discuss better ways to reduce relationship tension. We will find out how to cause less stress in conflicts by how we use our words, and we will consequently grow our relationship with God.

An Armor Bearer for the King

Taught by Mike Pruett

Wednesday Nights at 7 pm beginning November 2nd

In Bible days, there were "armor bearers" who carried the large shield and other weapons for a king, commander-in-chief, or captain. The shield-bearer was a well-known figure in the chariots of Egypt and Assyria, his business being to protect his fighting companion during the engagement. How is that relevant for us, today, as Christians? 

In this class, we will answer the following questions:

  • What are modern-day armor bearers? 
  • What do they wear? 
  • What is their purpose?

Financial Peace University

Facilitated by Al McQuigg

Wednesday Nights at 7 pm continues

Does financial peace completely allude you? Do you find yourself on a financial roller coaster? Financial Peace University can help you! This class teaches you everything you need to know about money. No more debt. No more money fights. No more anxiety about the future. 

This class continues in November for those who are currently enrolled in the class.


Worship in Israel:  Virtual Tour with Joshua Aaron

Facilitated by David & Stephenie Maggert

Sunday Nights at 6 pm:  November 20th through January 15th

The Virtual Tour videos will run for 7 sessions and cover many of the most popular sites in Israel as well as some hidden gems. Join us along the coast of Israel to Caesarea, to Mount Carmel and to Nazareth. Travel around the Galilee where Yeshua spent most of his time in ministry with his 12 disciples, such as Magdala, the Mount of Beatitudes, a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, and many more places including the Golan Heights. Then we will travel to the south of Israel to the Negev desert and explore places like Masada, Ein Gedi, and the Dead Sea. Next we will ascend the mountain of the Lord to Jerusalem! It's impossible to describe Jerusalem in one word. You will experience the endless history and places to be discovered in this beautiful ancient city.  The class will not be held on Christmas Day or on New Year's Day.

"Connecting All People to Christ"