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Worship in Israel:  Virtual Tour with Joshua Aaron

Sunday Nights at 6 pm:  November 20th through January 15th

Facilitated by David & Stephenie Maggert

The Virtual Tour videos will run for 7 sessions and cover many of the most popular sites in Israel as well as some hidden gems. Join us along the coast of Israel to Caesarea, to Mount Carmel and to Nazareth. Travel around the Galilee where Yeshua spent most of his time in ministry with his 12 disciples, such as Magdala, the Mount of Beatitudes, a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, and many more places including the Golan Heights. Then we will travel to the south of Israel to the Negev desert and explore places like Masada, Ein Gedi, and the Dead Sea. Next we will ascend the mountain of the Lord to Jerusalem! It's impossible to describe Jerusalem in one word. You will experience the endless history and places to be discovered in this beautiful ancient city.  The class will not be held on Christmas Day or on New Year's Day.

"Connecting All People to Christ"